When Matt wakes up in the morgue and overhears some interns talking about firing up the furnace, he wolfs out from the fear of being burned alive after surviving a second drowning. He feels his claws slash through those two interns before he even realizes what he’s doing.

He gets out of the morgue as fast as he can, and he’s unaware of how many days and nights he spends in the woods in total shock. When the alpha pack rolls into town, they find him curled in on himself, shivering and half dead because he hasn’t fed at all. So, the alpha pack takes him in. Just because they’re all alphas doesn’t mean they’re heartless enough to leave the pup out there to die.

Eventually, the alphas nurse Matt back to health. They’re a fierce bunch, and they typically don’t take to people not in their pack, but there’s this intensity in Matt that somehow makes him fit seamlessly within their pack. So, he becomes a sort of bastardization of “the boy who runs with wolves.”

He’s the wolf who runs with alphas.

And he tries not to think too much about how strange it is he finally feels like he belongs somewhere. Because he’s not a part of the pack. He’s not an alpha. But he’s not alone. And that’s enough.

This post is brought to you by my intense desire to see more of Stephen Lunsford strutting about my TV, kthx.

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