Stiles does support single moms.

Peter is soul, and mind that needs to be challenged. On many levels. Intellectually, cause lets face it, even if Peter is half insane, he's seriously smart. He needs someone who's people smart, who can watch someone and KNOW what they are, how they are, and even what they're thinking. He needs someone who's a quick thinker. And mostly, and I think it is his favorite, someone who can challenge his Wolf. Cause he doesn't want some submissive nobody. No, he wants a challenge. Stiles is a challenge
~ Anonymous

YES! But besides someone who can challenge him, I think Peter’s also looking for someone he respects.

I always think back to how Peter just bites Scott without even asking or anything, but it’s different when it comes to Stiles.¬†Peter not only asks Stiles if he wants the bite, but when Stiles refuses, Peter respects that decision (even though he’s visibly pissed).

Peter must have scoped out Stiles before they actually made first contact on the lacrosse field, and he’d probably decided ahead of time that this fragile,¬†waifish boy wouldn’t be worth a second thought. But then he realizes just how smart and clever Stiles is, how Stiles’ anticipation of people underestimating him is actually a strength, how loyal and determined and fearless he is, etc.

Sometimes, I wonder if Peter had intended to kill Stiles after he got the information he needed that night on the lacrosse field, but then Stiles was so intriguing and confusing and surprising and weird and what the actual fuckkkk, Peter can’t remember the last time he dealt with a human or werewolf so unpredictable and fascinating.